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    Changes in The Past Century and Current Century

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    Having begun a new millennium, it is timely to examine the changes that occurred during the twentieth century to prepare for the twenty-first century. In your opinion, what four changes that occurred in the past century are most important for us to understand? Why? What do you think will be the two most important challenges that our country will face in the first half of the twenty-first century?

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    20th Century - Events

    The 20th century was a hundred years of events that continually shaped and changed nations and communities all over the world. Events in certain countries shaped global opinion and became the foundation that led to chains of events affecting the very fabric of governance and economic and socio-political discourse. To choose just 4 is difficult as there have been a host of events that shaped the modern world. The 4 below are just among the many, but have been chosen because of their deep impact on American society.

    1. Albert Einstein proposed his theory of relativity in 1905 and this pretty much reshaped the way physics and science dealt with the concept of space, motion and the notion of velocity and space-time. Prior to this, the paradigm in place was Newton's linear mathematics based on his principle of thermodynamics. While for some centuries, the equations proposed by Newton solved mathematical challenges, a crisis was reached in the 19th century when linear mathematics couldn't account for space-time, the speed of light and variations of speed according to distance. Einstein resolved this via his theory and his famed E=MC2 equation which led us to quantum physics and became the mathematical and scientific basis for further innovation and technological advancement that allowed man to travel to space. Additionally, this theory ushered the nuclear age, allowing for advancement in weaponry, transportation and generally affecting the way electricity was utilized that led to the creation of machines and gadgets that generally made life and living easier. The nuclear age is the basis for all the technology that we now enjoy ...

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