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world financial crisis

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Explain the 2008 world financial crisis and the ongoing debt crisis in Europe using one of the three theoretical frameworks. realism, liberalism, and constructivism
b. Find an article in The Economist that offers a solution based on your theoretical framework. (www.economist.com) In a summary of the article, what are some of the tools used to solve the problem? Who would be the primary actors (movers and shakers to make it happen) in the suggested solution? How likely it is to work and what might happen if it doesn't?

2. Present two paragraphs that address "a" and "b" above. present the link Economist

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The theoretical framework that I intend to use is realism. This is a belief that reality exists independently of observers. Consider the world financial crisis of 2008. The crisis began with valuation and liquidity problems in the US banking system. The observers were the US government, financial institutions, the Federal Reserve, and International Financial Institutions. The government, investors, and the financial system saw the US housing bubble burst causing the values of securities tied to US real estate pricing crash. The global financial institutions and countries all over the world were watching the real estate pricing plummeting and damaging financial institutions. The securities in the ...

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world financial crisis is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation..

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