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With the advent of the Internet and other modern technologies, employees' rights to privacy are being brought to question on many fronts just what is your right to privacy at work? Does your employer have a right to read your personal e-mail? To place surveillance cameras in the restroom? To track the site that you visit on the Web? Monitor your phone calls?
Discuss with your peers the issue of employee privacy. Consider the following:

What is the employer's interest in monitoring employees, and what rights do employers have?

What right to privacy and protection from monitoring should employees have?

Does one party have a superior right? Why?

If you were an employer, what should you tell employees about your intentions to monitor, that is, what policies for communication of procedures for monitoring should be used?

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Rights to Privacy at Work

A survey by the American Management Association & the policy Institute in 2007 found that 2/3 of US employers monitor the emails and internet use of their employees. 65% of Employers use blocking software to restrict access to websites relevant to the workplace only and to make sure that employees use company time for work alone. The sites that are banned include: adult sites with sexual content, gaming sites, social networking sites, entertainment and gossip sites, shopping and auctions sites, sports sites, and external blogs irrelevant to the workplace. Emails are monitored for a number of reasons - to ensure that official emails are used for company purposes, to protect the name and integrity of the company to ensure that the emails are used properly being that an official company email carries the image of the company with it, to protect company secrets, to ensure that employees are above board. Email monitoring alone according to the survey has led to the firing of thousands of employees. Of those who participated in the survey, 28% fired employees after their emails showed misuse or exposed them as divulging company secrets. Employers also monitor phone calls due to the same reasons behind the email monitoring. Official phone numbers that the company use must be used for the ...

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