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theory,practicalities and limitations

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It is an implicit proposition in literature that program evaluators can be caught somewhere between the analytical and objective world of researchers concerned with theory, research design, and data analysis on the one hand and the world of the practitioner who is involved with the needs of the client group and service delivery on the other hand. This is far from the "sterile" world of the researcher. How would you bridge the gap between these two important contributors to knowledge, or would you select one over the other? Be as creative as possible but remember your responses should be realistic because this situation reflects the reality of the program evaluator. Be certain to incorporate the literature (program evaluation and any other) into your responses as you present your rationale. Support your answer with appropriate reasoning.

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Program Evaluation

Public and non-profit organizations require regular program evaluation to check and test the effectivity of their programs, projects and undertakings to assess goal-achievement and continued relevance of programs to the purposes of the organization and the needs of the population/groups these programs intend to serve. Program evaluators must be analytical in that they must consider the design, theory and process behind the program. At the same time they must also come to understand the needs and situation of the individuals and groups served by the program so that as an evaluator, he/she can judge the ...

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The solution provides a discussion on the topic of program evaluation,in particular on the topic keeping the balance between theory, process and the practicalities of goals and application. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version of the solution is also attached.

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