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    The Fundamentals of Government

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    This e-book was designed to provide a general understanding about the fundamentals of a modern government system to determine if governments are necessary and how well governments serve their populace. The Fundamentals of Government seeks to provide the reader with an overview of how various theoretical frameworks explain the origin of government and the main purposes of government in human society. The Fundamentals of Government will delve into the many facets of what is a ‘state’, a ‘nation-state’, understanding political sovereignty and the many variations of social contracts. The Fundamentals of Government will provide a single reference for understanding the concepts and fundamentals of the United States government from the 20th century to today. Beginners and experienced pupils in the academic fields of political science, history, sociology and government alike should find this information useful as part of their continual studies and professional development.

    An Introduction to The Fundamentals of Government

    In the United States, elections occur every two years, whether they are state and local elections or national elections to help elect leaders that represent the public interest. Perhaps, waiting in line to vote allows time for reflection to answer: Why am I doing this? Will it make a difference? Is government really necessary? What does government have to do with my life?

    While most of us realize that government is necessary, people have asked basic questions about the institution of government for centuries. What is the proper function of government? What form of government serves best? Where or why did government originate? Many scholars have written much about these issues. This e-book will help answer some of these basic questions.