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Political Theory

Strategic Planning Models in the CBP

Please help in putting together information that I can use and l also need guidance for the structure: Analyze what strategic planning is and why it is so important to public organizations. Include the key elements and characteristics of a strategic planning process. Also, analyze strategic planning models and apply one of th

Information Rubric on Strategic Planning Process

I need to create an information rubric, a tool that can be used to track the progress of the strategic planning process and its implementation, for a new and developing public organization (of your choice) that includes all necessary and valuable information on the strategic planning process. Can you help me with this task, as

Perspective on London Terror Attack 2005

Hello I need help coming up with a perspective of the 2005 London Terror Attack, a perspective that covers learning points that could help Emergency Managers to prevent or respond better to terrorist attacks. I have to explain the recurring features that might be found in terrorist groups dynamics, and examine the factors that i

Strategic Planning Models Comparison

Please help in choosing a strategic planning model to compare with Bryson's 10-step model, and providing an analysis of why that model might offer advantages to certain public organizations over Bryson's model. Analyze the fit of the model with the organization.

Questions on Strategic Management and Planning

I need some help aswering the following six questions based on strategic managment and planning. â?¢What are the issues that public administrators face in terms of their role in bringing a diverse perspective to strategic planning and citizen involvement? â?¢What is the role of diversity and citizenship involvement in p

Becoming an Effective Manager

Becoming an Effective Manager Management skill development is a crucial part of graduate school curricula. However, when practicing managers are asked to evaluate the organizational behavior and management courses they took in college, they generally complain that the courses did not teach them skills relevant to their jobs.

Conflict in the team and management strategy

A certain degree of disagreements and conflicts are part of any team's functioning. However, if not properly managed, disagreements and conflicts resulting from group-thinking, narrow-mindedness, overconfidence, or complacency can lead to cycles of dysfunction within organizations. The increasing globalization of businesses and

Strategic Challenges with Employees

You are a manager at a public organization, where you are responsible for supervising twenty employees. All these employees are experienced, and most have been transferred from other departments. Most of these employees have accepted your leadership. A group of four, however, seems to resent your newness and lack of experience.

Personal Accountability in Public Administration

David, your boss, shares with you his experiences with his new administrative assistant. He says, "You know Abdul, my administrative assistant, who joined me a few months ago. He is an exchange worker from our office in Saudi Arabia. Although he knows he is working for me, he has shown very little cooperation. The other day, I h

Strategic Challenges in Public Administration- Dealing with Managers

Your work group is interviewing managers at different organizations as part of its project. The last two times your group has met with managers, Peter?one of your group members?arrived at the meeting with a sloppy appearance. You are upset about it because you believe it creates a bad impression of your group on the managers you

Strategic Challenges in Executing Power

One of the most important questions in public administration is how to give administrators enough power to accomplish the work that policymakers want done, without having them exercise that power in a way that threatens democracy and liberty. In essence, effectiveness exists alongside accountability and accountability becomes a

Efficiency vs. Accountability vs. Coordination

The study of public administration is a combination of the study of efficiency versus accountability versus coordination. How do the three elementsâ?"efficiency, accountability, and coordinationâ?"function in the regulation of administration? How would the following statement support or contradict your view on efficienc

Empowered Delegation for Managers

Empowered delegation can produce all dimensions of empowerment, including a sense of competence, choice, impact, value, and security. Empowerment and delegation must be linked in the assignment of work. Empowered delegating involves deciding when to delegate to others. To determine when delegation is most appropriate, managers s

Leading Positive Change at Work

Leading Positive Change Leading positive change is a management skill that focuses on unlocking positive human potential. With positive change, individuals experience appreciation, collaboration, vitality, and meaningfulness in their work. Consider the following scenario: You are a manager at a tax preparation office. Unt

Corruption Kills Democracy/Economy

I have the following task and I need some help getting started. I need to determine a structure for my position paper concerning how corruption kills democracy and economy.

Strategic Challenges in Public Administration

The function of the government is rooted in the notion that different levels of the government concentrate on different kinds of services. For the purpose of studying public administration, we know that the government varies by level such as federal, state, and local; by function; and by the agency or group that finally delivers

The Implications of Mercantalist Policies

The adoption of mercantilist policies is the only means for advanced industrial countries to deal with the consequences of the Great Recession. Do you agree or disagree?

Leadership Ethics Culture and Politics

Dr. Jeffrey Wigand became one of the best-known whistleblowers after his experience was turned into a movie, The insider. He proved tobacco companies were deliberately boosting the nicotine content of cigarettes, making them more addictive and cancer causing. However, similar to other whistleblowers, he suffered from tremendous

I need to create an Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation

Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation (minimum of 15-20 pages): For this assignment, you will complete the following items: Organizational and leadership assessment and analysis is a fundamental process that public administration leaders use to gather information, assess needs, and plan actions. In this assignment,


Major Tax Structures: Property Taxes Case: The real property tax is based on property values, not the income of holders of the real estate. As the story reported here demonstrates, this situation can create some difficult issues when real estate values are increasing rapidly 1. Explain how you would quantify the amount or pe

Public Policy Analysis

There have been a lot of controversies in the past over the Endangered Species Act. * What are the arguments for and against the Endangered Species Act? * Do you think this act needs to be modified, strengthened, or scrapped? * What changes in strategies would you recommend to make this act more successful or worth the cos

Cold War Era Threats

Write an essay reviewing the Cold War era and the threats to American families. Include what you would do to protect your family in case of an attack. Include the following four parts in your essay: ?Describe the historical and political conditions of the Cold War era. ?Explain the specific threats to American citizens.

Public Policy Analysis

As a public administrator, * Discuss your opinion on the role of a public administrator in utilizing political strategies to improve the policymaking processes and outcomes. * Discuss the important considerations that must be made by a public administrator to effectively influence public behavior. Provide at least one rele

Establishment Clause

What is the Establishment Clause, and what advantages or limitations does this Establishment Clause create? 200 words please

Theories of Power

Which of the four Theories of Power may have been the most important to the founders and the society of the time? Which four have the strongest importance today?

Public Policy Analysis

Public policy ought to reflect public preferences. Do you think public policies are in accordance with your wishes? Why or why not? Provide appropriate rationale to support your opinion. Specifically, provide an example of one decision on public policy you support and another that you oppose. Additionally, do you think it is pos

Public policy on bailouts

The federal government has offered or, in some cases, even forced loans or bailouts to banks, insurance companies, and automobile manufacturers. What are the economic or moral reasons for the federal government trying to rescue corporations in risk of failure? Provide examples and discuss the impact of such bailouts from the rec