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Empowered Delegation for Managers

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Empowered delegation can produce all dimensions of empowerment, including a sense of competence, choice, impact, value, and security. Empowerment and delegation must be linked in the assignment of work. Empowered delegating involves deciding when to delegate to others. To determine when delegation is most appropriate, managers should ask some basic questions. Each answer that is positive improves the manager's probability of success.

Explain the advantages and potential positive outcomes of delegation. When determining when to delegate work to others, what is the main criterion on how you will make your decisions?

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One of the most important advantages and positive outcomes of delegation is that it allows the organization to develop a strong sense of confidence and strong personal growth and development among the employees. This, in turn, results in a healthy and productive workforce in the organization. When the managers or senior employees delegate authority and decision-making responsibilities to lower level employees or their juniors, the employees feel motivated now that they are being considered an integral part of the organization. They feel ...

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Discusses questions pertaining to delegation, its advantages, main criterion to make decisions pertaining to delegation.

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