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Personal Accountability in Public Administration

David, your boss, shares with you his experiences with his new administrative assistant. He says, "You know Abdul, my administrative assistant, who joined me a few months ago. He is an exchange worker from our office in Saudi Arabia. Although he knows he is working for me, he has shown very little cooperation. The other day, I had a conversation with him regarding his job description, but he smiled all the time and gave this speech about how happy he is to be here. He is not interested in the tasks assigned to him and fails to perform each time. Just yesterday, he was supposed to send out our monthly report to the headquarters, but when I checked with him in the evening, he had not even started working on it. I don't know what to do with him."

What advice would you offer your boss to improve the situation? Provide an appropriate rationale for your advice.

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In a situation of this nature, I would advise my boss to reiterate to this worker that he has specific duties that must be completed, and that he must follow the directions of the boss, due to the fact that this individual is in charge of Abdul. I would give the boss this advice, so that ...

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The personal accountability in public administration is examined. The advice to improve the situation is determined.