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Strategic Challenges in Public Administration- Dealing with Managers

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Your work group is interviewing managers at different organizations as part of its project. The last two times your group has met with managers, Peter?one of your group members?arrived at the meeting with a sloppy appearance. You are upset about it because you believe it creates a bad impression of your group on the managers you are interviewing. You decided to confront Peter after the meeting.

Choose an appropriate conflict resolution approach and write a response for how you would confront Peter. Which approach did you choose? Why did you think it was appropriate?

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This is how I would develop the scenario, which could be a useful guide for you:

Leader: Peter, we have a small issue to clear up before the next interview if you wouldn't mind discussing it.
Peter: Sure, what can I do?
Leader: We have noticed that you have been coming to the interviews less than your normal personal dress code. Several of the team are concerned about you and your change in appearance during these important meetings. Is there a problem? One that the team or someone on the team might help you with?
Peter: I wasn't aware there was a dress code for these meetings. They are outside the office, so I am not sure what the issue is. I just prefer to be more relaxed during these interviews.
Leader: While I understand your need for comfort, especially in some of these situations, we do still represent the company and the team. Don't you think we should look professional?
Peter: Sure, I guess. I just get so little time away from the office with all ...

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