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The First and Fourth Amendments since the US Patriot Act

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Can you assist me in writing about the ethics of water-boarding and the effects of the Patriot Act since 9/11?

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The first and fourth amendment since the US Patriot Act are determined. The ethics of water boarding and the effects of the Patriot Act since 9/11 are determined.

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Here's an interesting speech by Bob Barr:

The big complaints against the patriot act is that it gives the government sweeping powers to take action against anyone considered a terrorist.
The problem develops when the definition of "terrorist" is broadened to include all those who dislike the present government.

Barr's point of view is that the PA harms the fourth amendment (that is, against unreasonable search and seizure), since the PA lowers the evidence bar as to whom can be searched and for what reason.

Since it was passed in the emotional period after 9/11, much of the content of the act (and its later additions) would not have passed under less emotional ...

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