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Research Paper Guide: Corruption & Democracy

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I have the following task and I need some help getting started. I need to determine a structure for my position paper concerning how corruption kills democracy and economy.

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The solution below should get you started. You are being asked to write a paper on the topic of corruption. This is a very broad topic and its really up to you how you should approach this - should you take a macro perspective looking at a particular case in a particular industry only (i.e. corporate corruption - the case of WorldCom and the case of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme) or should you take a much general and global perspective looking at corruption in governments and essential social institutions and how they affect the economy?

It will be up to you - either way you will have to gather important and relevant resources that you can utilize - books and articles for example. In my part as a teacher, I would appreciate it if my student would provide a much more universal/general study of corruption as this would present an understanding of how corruption ripples across society. To do this, it is best to have an outline. You have been provided by your professor a good guide - you should stick to this. The most important element is how you argue and present your paper and ensure that you don't go beyond the word limit. I suggest therefore using an outline. This should work:

1. Cover Page, title, your name, abstract
2. Introduction - what is this position paper about? What can be expected from this paper? 300 words.
3. Corruption - what is it all about? In a democratic society where laws should be in place, why do you think corruption happens? 300 words.
4. Corruption in the Government - discuss this, use examples from all over the world from macro (universal) to micro (minutiae/atomic) level. 300 words.
5. Corruption in the corporate world - same as above, 300 words.
6. Conclusion - here discuss how 3, 4 and 5 ideas converge in affecting society and the economy using the idea of 'sociological imagination'; use the example of the recession and the crisis in Greece. Confirm your position based on the discussion - about 200 to 300 words.
7. Word Count & Bibliography using APA format: Author (Year).Title. Publisher/Author (Year). Title, Journal/Magazine & publishing details. Publisher (when indicated)

If you have any questions, just let me know. I have shown you below how you can create this paper using a host of resources and ideas. The information below has been sourced accordingly and from my own views and experiences of corruption. You have to refer to the instruction provided to you by your professor to make sure that you follow each and every element of what is expected of you in terms of presentation. You should also review your current class materials so that ideas from there are included in your paper. Good luck with your studies!

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(Cover Page)

Title: Corruption. Democracy & Economics: A Position paper
(your name)
(name of your professor)
(Title of your course)
(name of your university)

Abstract - This position paper takes on the idea that corruption, when institutionalized, is a difficult 'demon' to let go. The notion that more democracy can lead to less corruption can only take effect if, at the earliest stage of an institution or a nation, corruption does not take root. The paper looks at corruption in general and how it is expressed and has been evidentially practiced in nations and organizations to devastating results.



Corruption - a word that we so often associate to dictators and autocrats like Zimbabwe's Mugabe and Syria's Bashar Al-Assad as well as the late Libyan dictator Gaddafi - men who abused the power and trust of their people to pursue their own self-interests and agendas which is often about prolonging their place in positions of power. This is the philosophical/moral emanation of corruption which essentially refers to, simply, as intended deviation from what is ideal. Economically, when individuals and people abuse the system to acquire goods and services for something that is not due them, ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to a student in putting together a paper on the topic of democracy, the economy and corruption. The paper provides the student with advise in tackling the paper, with a suggested outline and key ideas. It is completed by a 1,900+ sample research based on this suggested outline. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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