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Political Corruption: Democracy and Dictatorship

World Politics. I wrote an essay on political corruption and compared a third world country (Haiti) with Norway for the least corrupt nation versus a most corrupt nation. My instructor came back to me with this question and asked for some back up

"The more democratic a society, the lower the political corruption"

Corruption levels vary with the regime type within which it occurs. The degree of corruption varies inversely to the degree that power is consensual (Friedrich 1993:16). The more the power is legitimate, the less corruption. BUT WHY?? Can anyone give me a reason why with an example.

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According to an essay on the State Department website, the degree of corruption is not necessarily decided by power, but by the wealth of the national democracy.
(http://usinfo.state.gov/dd/eng_democracy_dialogues/combating_corruption/anticorruption_essay.html) This could be shown by the differences in the Singapore ...

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A brief discussion of the corruption that can plague legitimate governments, democratic governments, other governments.