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Leading Positive Change at Work

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Leading Positive Change

Leading positive change is a management skill that focuses on unlocking positive human potential. With positive change, individuals experience appreciation, collaboration, vitality, and meaningfulness in their work.

Consider the following scenario: You are a manager at a tax preparation office. Until this year, tax preparers did all tax calculations manually, with assistance only from calculators. Now the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced rewards for tax preparation companies that submit all their IRS forms electronically. You believe that doing taxes electronically will speed up the tax calculations by your tax preparers, reducing re-work, increasing the number of clients, and generating more commissions. Your team of tax preparers is concerned because they are not familiar with the software and are concerned about spending extra time learning how to use the software.

How would I structure a memo to outline this change in the workplace amongst a team? What strategy would you use to accommodate this change, why would it be appropriate for this situation, and what criteria did you use for selecting that strategy?

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This is a memo outlined below:

Dear All,

We are introducing a new technology in our workplace to automate the tax preparation via electronic submission in our organization. We expect that the new technology will significantly improve the quality, efficiency and accuracy of our work and will considerably reduce the pressure on the employees as well as enhance productivity in the workplace. Many organizations in the industry have already transformed to the electronic tax preparation mode and reaping huge benefits from this transition.

I understand that many of you will be apprehensive about the benefits of this proposed technology as well as fearful about adapting to this new ...

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Discusses strategies to introduce a new change in the organization regarding implementation of electronic tax submission system.