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Improving Workplace Relationship

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This interactive activity explores the outcomes of various interventions by a supervisor who is trying to help an employee who appears to be struggling with performing his job.
Consider the various dynamics at play between Erica and Nadim. Prejudices may exist for either or both individuals; attitudes and values may be affecting decisions; and a variety of barriers may be complicating communication. Describe the scenario based on the outcome or outcomes of your choices. What seems to be going on and, if you were to meet with Erica, what recommendations would you make?

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Workplace Relationships and Social cognition

i)the positive outcomes came from
a) inclusion- someone to train him
b) inclusion-opportunity to share his ideas ie. making the menu towards his community- helping him integrate his faith community and his work
c) respect- hearing his perspective as to why he was not putting ham in the salad
d) Cooperation- Erica's willingness to discuss and hear his perspective

- all these actions in by Erica encourage a positive workplace which helps in increasing well-being and in turn productivity.
The outcomes showed that Nadim learned from Miguel and appreciate that Erica let him ...

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