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    Functional software specifications and process improvement

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    What are some functional specifications for the software at your workplace?
    When looking at a need for a change or improvement in a current system, what are two of the most important processes to examine and why?

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    1. What are some functional specifications for the software at your workplace?

    Functional specifications are software system documentation containing textual, diagrams, and/or tabular representations which typically state in very clear terms using nouns and verbs what the system will do in a particular event or interaction between the user and the system. There are various tools and techniques at hand that can be used to outline system functionality. Most of these depend on the software methodology being used. For example, UML (Unified Modelling Language) is usually applied when the Object-Oriented Systems Analysis approach is applied. In the waterfall paradigm the functional specs are usually categorised and written in textual with some diagrammatical representations such as conceptual designs, context diagrams, data flow diagrams, work flow diagrams, flowcharts, etc. Some functional specifications for ...

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