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Interview questions about implementing change in an organization

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I had 2 questions here for an interview in one of my human resource development classes where I need to interview an individual that has a job. Please use 1 paragraph in total, in own words and detailed complete sentences (6 sentence minimum for paragraph).

1. What experiences have you had with implementing changes in your organization?
2. Do you like changes imposed upon you, either by top management or by others?

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The solution provides a brief overview of experiences with change by the author in their own work environment.

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1. What experiences have you had with implementing changes in your organization?

Too many times, changes are made and then staff is notified. Training then follows. There are limited ways to try out techniques, technology, and tools before the school implements them. Then more changes have to be made to find different options or staff is forced to go back and undo the changes. There is limited effort to provide a leadership group or person to help ...

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