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Strategic Challenges with Employees

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You are a manager at a public organization, where you are responsible for supervising twenty employees. All these employees are experienced, and most have been transferred from other departments. Most of these employees have accepted your leadership. A group of four, however, seems to resent your newness and lack of experience. Each time you speak to one or more people of this group, their lack of respect and sarcasm is apparent. You are never sure they comply with your requests. Whenever you walk by them, you hear them making sarcastic remarks about you.

What are the major stressors active in this situation, and what are ways one can manage the stress in this situation?

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In a situation of this nature, one of the major stressors is the lack of respect and cooperation when dealing with this group of four employees, which must be dealt with. Another stressor in this situation is the fact that you can never be sure that these employees comply with your requests, which provides a level of stress to you as a manager. Being ...

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