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SWOTT analysis

What is a SWOTT analysis? What strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends does your organization face? Also, what are the components of a corporate strategic plan? Is the strategic plan aligned with the training required for employees before embarking upon a TQ project/program? How does the training for a TQ project/program differ from traditional organizational training?

Define quality culture. What factors contribute to the culture of an organization? How can quality be incorporated into an organization's culture? What are the biggest challenges you would face when attempting to change the culture in your own organization? Describe what a customer is. Describe the difference between internal and external customers and give examples of each. Is the measurement of customer satisfaction different for internal customers than external customers? How would you incorporate a customer into your TQ team?


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//An analysis for all the factors that can affect the business's strategic planning is important. The analysis is an important element in the corporate strategic plan. We should also know about the TQ process in the organization and how can we train the employees for the TQ program or project. The factor that affects the quality culture of the organization is also necessary to understand the quality incorporation in the organization. To provide a satisfaction to the customer, we should also know the internal and external customers and their part in the TQ team. But first we have to know the SWOTT and components of the strategic planning under the following heading, for example:

SWOTT and Corporate Strategic Plan

The SWOTT can be defined as the evaluation of the company's strength, weakness, opportunities, threats and trends that are present in the internal and external environment of the company. It is a tool of the strategic planning of the company to make a decision (Larusch, 2008). The strengths of my organization are the brand loyalty of the customers for the product and large customer base whereas the weaknesses are less available funds and less customer awareness. The organization has the opportunity of expanding its market in other regions and to attract more customers by introducing new products and services in the market. But at the same time, it also has some threats from the other large competitors that are selling the same product at the cheaper rate because of reduction in the production cost. The trends show that the customer awareness is increasing continuously. The corporate strategic plan of the organization includes the following components -

Strategic and performance indicators etc. (Rayle, 2002).
It also includes the target customers, core technologies in the corporate strategic plan.

//After knowing the SWOTT and component of the corporate strategic plan, it is also important for us to know the allegation of the strategic plan with the training for the TQ project in the organization. I am just giving a brief ...

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The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 1245 Words, APA References