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    Approaches to Crisis Prevention

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    What makes a crisis preventable? How can a manager use a crisis to an advantage? Discuss strategic approaches to crisis and how such approaches helps or hinders crisis action planning

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    a. What makes a crisis preventable?
    Crisis is a term which can be understood in different contexts: psychology, economics, etc. In political Science it may be internal or geological.
    Political internal crisis is a conflict which affects the chiefs of a State, the nature of its institutions, or its society regime. It may lead to a governmental reorganization, to a modification of the government if the precedent was compelled to retire, to constitutional adaptations, or to a change of the regime.
    Geopolitical crisis, happens from a conflict in the relations between two or several States, between an international organization and one or several States, or between two or several international organizations. It may end by an agreement between the protagonists, or by sanctions towards a State (suspension or exclusion from an international organization), or, in the worst case, lead to an armed conflict.
    Especially in present times, no nation state can or shall afford to face political crisis. From the experiences of the past, especially the 10/11 event, crisis should be prevented. Government leaders and the private sector should be on alert of anything that might break into a crisis. Historically, politics and crisis go hand-in-hand. President Abraham Lincoln once said, "We live in the midst of alarms, anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read."
    Public leaders have a special responsibility to help safeguard society from the adverse consequences of crisis. They should be alert in preventing crisis or better still, be prepared ahead before crisis occurs. As in an old adage, "Prevention is better than Cure".
    Can crisis be prevented?
    Definitely yes. Leaders who take this responsibility seriously would have to concern themselves with the "incubation stage" of the Crisis Management Cycle. In this stage crisis leadership involves the critical tasks of "sense making, and decision making".
    According to Stephan Klingebiel (Crisis Prevention and Conflict Management
    New Fields of Development Cooperation) the area of crisis prevention and conflict management has become firmly established in development cooperation in recent years. Development cooperation can help to remove the causes of conflicts and to create opportunities for non-violent conflict resolution. It can also make a contribution in the fight against terrorism.
    Development cooperation, among others emphasizes early warning/conflict recognition. If any ...

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