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Political Theory

Israel, France & UK terrorism policies

Using outside sources available on the internet or in the online library, research the terrorism policies of Israel, France, and the UK. How do these differ from how the Obama administration is approaching terrorism and counterterrorism? What are the similarities and differences?

State and Local government rights vs Homeland Security

1. Are the State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs) and the Local Emergency Response Commissions (LERCs) threatened for control of local disasters by the Department of Homeland Security? 2. Does the Federal government have to do more to simplify and limit liability for state and local governments and industry for cert

Social Services Initiatives

Should the Federal Government increase social services initiatives to improve the quality of life issues for the less fortunate ones. For instance: 1) promoting training/educational assistance initiatives to help the unskilled workers obtain/hold jobs 2) assist the elderly/homeless with affordable housing; 3) increase health in

Homeland Security

Does Public policy plays a major role in the effectiveness of homeland security. If these policies impede upon too many civil liberties and securities then the public will be less likely to accept the reform?

Emergency Management Plan for UCI

From the Student - Ma'am: I selected your recommendation for using UCI for their Emergency Plan in a previous posting. My professor liked the selection and I spent a lot time identifying its strengths and how it fit in with the NRP and used the elements of the NIMS. I reviewed their mission, scope of operations, objectives an

Homeland Security

Is the fusing of intelligence a continues issue? There have been numerous instances in which DHS has experienced turf wars with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the DoD, public battles that have damaged the image of the organization.

Conclusion and APA format

I need a 500+ word conclusion written for my paper. I also need it formatted in APA format according to APA standards. Attached is the paper.

Policy on terrorism

Why do the same countries the U.S. counts on to act in accordance with U.S. policy on terrorism in fact promote the problem of terrorism? What can be done to resolve this dilemma?

Two definitive paths to terrorism

There are two definitive paths to terrorism; the "top-down process" and the "bottom-up process" (CSIS, 2007, in your course materials folder). Unfortunately, due to certain laws, civil rights, and civil liberties, many potential terrorists are too far down the path and well on their way to becoming full-fledged terrorists by the

Homeland Security

Discuss the various homeland security problems in terms of the biggest systemic challenges facing each, and the major policy impediments for each.

Homeland Security

How do we define terrorism and why is such a definition important to Homeland Security? Discuss why there is confusion when trying to define terrorism.

Department of Homeland Security

True statement or not? The impetus for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security was a terrorist attack and that was the focus of our initial efforts.

Opinion on Homeland Security

What is you opinion of the following: A strategy should provide purpose for those that must plan how to best accomplish changing the existing environment in order to achieve the desired end-state. President Obama states the overall objective is a world in which America is stronger, more secure, and is able to overcome our challe

Help in putting together an Emergency Management Plan

I will have to do five things with this plan. 1. Identify the plan I want to use and what I want to focus on and why 2. identification of strengths and of the policy 3. identification of the weaknesses 4. my position on the strenthd and weaknesses 5. overall evaluation and my position on this paln or policy. I need help

Homeland Security

Is it true that the bureaucratic barriers between intelligence organizations seems to prevent their coordination? Also is America squandering its opportunities for defense by not making the proper decisions when the opportunity for change arrives?

Homeland Security

In 2004 our nation's leaders were admitting that the war on terror would probably last a generation or more, even as they continued to argue among themselves about thether it could ever truly be won. What is you opinion on this? If they had acted diferently - sooner, smarter - would we have been able to contain what were at on t

Patriot Act, Homeland Security and Policies

Is it true that bureaucrats capitalized on the tragedies of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina to squeeze through (policy changes) in the guise of homeland security. Due to Congressional tendencies to focus on increasing power, influence, and resources for their home state, the opportunities to protect American infrastructure, change

Disaster management and the 9-11 Commission

Does the 9-11 Commission Report require significant changes in the National Response Plan with stronger vertical and horizontal integration between Federal, State, and local disaster response plans.? Should cyberterrorism be included in the NRP as a component. Does it pose that much of a threat?

Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association vs. SB 1070

Action Plan and Presentation The facilitator selects a political issue, an assigned a role: special interest group, lobbyist, political action committee, issue network, or institutional elite. Keep your role, goals, agenda, and available power in focus. To oppose the law SB 1070 or the Support Our Law Enforcement an

9/11 Commission

The primary conclusion of the Commission was that the failures of the CIA and FBI permitted the terrorist attacks to occur and if these agencies had performed more judiciously in sharing information and coordination of that information as well as acting more aggressively, the attacks could potentially have been prevented.

How politically powerful factions compete in policy decisions and debate issues.

The topic is Issue of Tax Credits for Low-Income Housing. Select a contemporary issue that has polarizing viewpoints, such as environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, same-sex marriage, worker's rights, immigration, and so forth. Write 1,050- to 1,400-words, describing how politically powerful factions co

Homeland Security

I need 250-300 words on the Response Planning Process (Who's included) and Response Plan Topics (What areas must be addressed in the plan?) as part of my paper. Details below. I also attached what I have so far... Homeland Security Paper: Access and familiarize with this site *DHS First Responders at: http://www.dhs.gov/