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    9-11 Commission on the National Response PLan

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    Does the 9-11 Commission Report require significant changes in the National Response Plan with stronger vertical and horizontal integration between Federal, State, and local disaster response plans.? Should cyberterrorism be included in the NRP as a component. Does it pose that much of a threat?

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    9-11 Commission Report on Coordination

    The 9-11 Commission Report, released in the aftermath of the deadly September 11, 2001 attacks on US Soil was the work of the Kean/Hamilton Commission who convened 11.26.2002 to write an official report of the events that led up to the tragedy by the US Congress. The Commission liaised and interviewed more than 1,200 people from about 10 countries. Additionally varied documents were reviewed including classified national security papers. Over 2.5 million pages of reports side by side with quantitative and qualitative (interviews, video footage, voice recordings, eyewitness interviews & testimonies) evidence were distilled for analysis. The Chairman of the Commission, Academician & former NJ Governor Thomas Kean declared that the FBI and the CIA failed to deliver to both Presidents Clinton and Bush referring to key information as well as agency performance of mandate. The origins of the attackers, their ideology, funding and most importantly - their organization, network and the manner by which they managed to penetrate the American Society to carry out the attacks were of great concern in the report. Many critics see the Report as political for it included references to the increased contacts between Iran & Al Qaeda. Being that the Report, however, was based on gathered evidence, the resulting recommendations and conclusions merited immediate congressional action.

    In relation to the increased horizontal and vertical integration and networked cooperation between the FBI, the CIA and information/law enforcement bodies for example, the Report recommended the creation of an office that would be mandated to do as such proposing the office of the 'National Intelligence Director'. This integration would also be aligned with offices concerned on border security, immigration policies and local, state and Federal law enforcement bodies. For example, in PDF version's page 408 as part of the recommendation to 'Allocating Resources', the report proposes:

    "Hard choices must be made in allocating limited resources. The U.S. ...

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