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Political Theory

Brown vs Board of Education

Hi ; I need to write a research paper about Brown vs. board of education & What does the trial reveal about: major social changes, cultural conflicts, and political struggles? I want it to be about 7-9 pages. Could you please help me. Thank you

Public Administration

I need help composing this paper, I am not sure about the theory of federalism and how it would relate to homeland security. Your assistance is appreciate. Prepare a paper examining the significance of federalism in the United States today. Focus your paper on homeland security In your paper, describe the development of feder

Paper Guide: War & Conflict

Hello, please help! I was asked to write 3000 words for the following question. and would like to start doing research but dont have an idea on what to write. I was wondering if someone could discuss a writing plan with me for this topic? War, in its many forms, is integral to the organisation of human society. It may be mana

International Terrorism

Please help me so I can finish the following: Write a two-three page double spaced document about international terrorism and how it influences our lives and policy. Are we dealing with the threat properly, utilizing all of our resources properly, identifying threats and neutralizing them.

Explain why oxygen atoms are neutral.

1. Explain why oxygen atoms are neutral. 2. Compare: an atom's structure to a ladder. What parts of the ladder correspond to the energy levels of the atom? Identify one way a real ladder is not a good model for the atom. 3.In the early 1900s, two associates of New Zealander Ernest Rutherford bombarded thin sheets of gold w

Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights

Looking at the "Declaration of Independence" by Thomas Jefferson, "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen" (the French Declaration of Independence), and "The Bill of Rights". 1. What was the purpose of the Declaration in each country? 4. What does the Bill of Rights do that the Declaration doesn't?

Homeland Security

Can you please help with the following essay question? Explain the process of risk analysis as it relates to homeland security. How would you define risk? How would you weigh it? If you were the city manager or police chief in a small town with limited resources, how much effort would you put into risk analysis? Would you simply

Domestic and Foreign Affairs

"Today, the distinction between domestic and foreign affairs is diminishing. In a globalized world, events beyond America's borders have a great impact inside them. Our society must be open to people, ideas, and goods from across the globe" (Pearson Custom Publishing, 2003, p.91). What do you think is meant by the phrase ab


Coworker A compares herself to Coworker B who is rewarded on the job more but also more time and effort into the job, so that the outcome/input ratios for both A and B are roughly equal. According to Equity Theory, Coworker A will be motivated to ......... a) change her inputs to match Coworker B b) change her outcomes to ma

Congress and Impeachment

1. If you had been elected to the United States House of Representatives a. How long would your term in office be? b. How much money would you make? c. What would be the basic requirements to qualify? d. What "immunities" would you have? 2. You have become chairperson of the Foreign Relations committee a. What would be y


Which of the following best expresses the positive influence emotions may play in leadership ? a) A single unfavorable incident develops into a generalized perception, which prompts followers to replace a leader they see as incompetent. b) Followers develop strong commitments to the vision and character of the leader and t

Correlation Studies

Correlational studies examine the statistical relationship between leadership measures and effectiveness criteria. a) true; b) false Please explain the answer.

Political Corruption

World Politics. I wrote an essay on political corruption and compared a third world country (Haiti) with Norway for the least corrupt nation versus a most corrupt nation. My instructor came back to me with this question and asked for some back up "The more democratic a society, the lower the political corruption" Corrupti


The best criteria for assessing leadership effectiveness are which of the following ? a. subordinate ratings b. superior's ratings c. unit performance indices d. a combination of several approaches

Leadership: Action Learning as a group-oriented activity.

A training program which focuses on doing rather than gaining knowledge, is group-oriented rather than student-oriented, and is more work-based than classroom-based reflects and approach known as ... a. action learning b. double-loop learning c. single-loop learning d. spiral of experience Please explain the answer.


Does factionalism exist exclusively within transactions among special interests groups? Institutional elites? Or do special interest groups also compete for influence with institutional elites? Provide examples in your answers.

Original Research & Lobbying

Please help with the following problem. Provide specific examples in which special interest organizations have conducted original research in order to "educate" government officials regarding policy issues. Why is such research needed? Can it be regarded as truly representative of the issue?

Power in Public Leadership

Analyzing the sources of power in public leadership (what are the sources?) Selecting a constituent group in the public sector. Assessing the sources and uses of power by this group. Determining how this group influences public policy and leadership decision making.

Safety Issues

Using the Airline industry, research and analyze safety issues. Allocate the aspects of the research and presentation. For example, you could subdivide the research into: ? Who is the appropriate regulatory agency and what is the history? ? What are the significant regulations in the past? ? What are the current issues fa

Effective public leader and an ineffective public leader

I need help locating two articles (please give article location), one describing an effective public leader and the other describing an ineffective public leader. I also need help analyzing the traits and styles of both leaders, to determine which traits and styles make them effective or ineffective.

Leadership Framework & Social Interaction Complexity

Which of the following best addresses the complexity of interactions among the elements of the leadership framework? a. A leader's personality traits may determine the leader's style of interacting with subordinates. b. Followers become more cohesive as a group because of an autocratic, demanding boss. c. A downturn in

Leadership study

Leadership can be best understood if we keep our focus where ? a. study great and famous leaders who inspire us b. consider examples of many kinds of leaders in a variety of contexts. c. look at senior level leaders who have more fully matured d. consider the examples and mistakes of young, aspiring leaders. Pleas