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Forms of Municipal Government

Compare the Strong mayor-council and Weak mayor-council forms of municipal government. (Short answer.)

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Local Government: Weak-Mayor Council & Strong-Mayor Council Local Government

In most democracies the world over, local governments - cities and towns - are mostly ran by mayor councils with the mayor acting as the executive head of the government and the administrative functions. In the United States,the UK and the Philippines for example, this had always been the case. The local offices of government are 'mini-versions' of the national form with the office of the mayor running executive, administrative and ceremonial duties, the Vice-Mayor heading the legislative council with the mayor having the power to veto local ordinances & laws forwarded by the town/city council with each councillor representing 'districts' and territories of the ...

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The solution is a 531-word essay that compares and contrasts the strong-mayor, weak-council and strong-council, weak-mayor form of local government. Each form of local governance is defined prior to discussion. references are listed to allow students room to expand. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.