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Political Theory

Terrorism: Definitions & Debates

1. What are the definitions of terrorism according to the following: Brian Jenkins, Walter Lacqueur, Edward Hermann, Alex Schmid, the FBI, the State Department, and the United Nations? 2. What is the "Spectrum of Conflict" mentioned in the text? Identify two separate real-world examples of conflict (past or present). Explain w

Domestic terrorism questions

1. What can be said of the relationship between extremism and terrorism? Are all terrorists extremists? Are all extremists terrorists? 2. Define terrorism. Why is there a broad approach to constructing a definition of terrorism? 3. What is the difference between "terrorism from above" and "terrorism from below"? When or un

9-11 Commission

What did the 9-11 commission recommend interms of changes to the intelligence community? If the crux of counter terrorism involves information sharing among all levels of government , do the reform recommendations of the 9-11 commission enacted into law adequately address the structure of intelligence gathering?


What are some considerations related to subcontracting?


What are the main concepts behind cost and cost reimburse contracts including CPFF, CPAF, CPIF types?


For the Def. Acquisition Regulatory Council and Civilian Agency Acquisition council what is the membership and chairperson and how do they contribute to the FAR revision process?


What are the main concepts behind FPI, FPP, and FFP contracts?

Public Administration: external or internal controls

In the 1940s two political theorists, Carl J. Friedrich and Herman Finer, debated a critical question of accountability in American public administration: "how much to rely on formal prescriptions and control mechanisms and how much must depend on what we have called the inner compasses of persons entrusted with public responsib

Internet Research on Women and Politics around the World

1) Visit the website of the Center for American Women and Politics of Rutgers University http://www.cawp.rutgers.edu/. Gather data on the role of women in politics in the US. 2) Do a quick internet research to gather other data on women in politics around the globe. 3) Write in a two-page paper, a brief analysis of your findings

Public Policy and current problems

How can one determine the causes of public problems? Is it useful to determine their root causes or only the immediate causes that are usually the focus of public policy? Other than overcrowded prisons and conjested highways. Select a policy issue, briefly describe it, clearly identifying the root and immediate causes and what

Healthcare Reform Questions

I need help with the following essay questions. Can you help me answer the questions in the form of a short essay answer and also help me find out resources such as articles or journals to further my research. 1. What kind of universal health care systems are available? 2. Is universal healthcare an economically feasible

How do minority groups gain political power?

A discussion on the nature of sexual equality and discrimination regarding social movements and the politics of difference. What is the politics of difference and what does it demand of social relations and political institutions.


400 Words What impact has the internet had on the freedom of speech? Is it good or bad that information is so readily available? In what ways do you think the internet sould be censored, if at all?

US Politics: Proposed Changes

Checks and Balances Can someone help with the following? --------------------------------------------- Consider the following proposal: We should change national elections in the U.S. so that all of the following government officials are elected at the same time, every four years: ?Members of the House. ?Senators. ?The Pr

Extremist or terrorist consistency and uniformity

Are the actions of the extremist and terrorist groups governed by a consistency and a uniformed reason? Also is an important aspect of the struggle between governments and terrorist concerns the definition of the conflict.

Asia Pacific Democracy Follow-Up Questions

I'm starting to write my essay, and from what you've given me I think it's wise to compare Taiwan and South Korea, my topic is why some countries are democratic while some are authoritarian in the Asia-Pacific, and my thesis statement is somewhere along the lines of "the leading factors that determine whether a country in the As

Democracy in the Asia-Pacific/East Asia

Hi, can someone give me some thoughts on these questions? Please provide at least 200 words. 1. Why are some countries in the Asia-Pacific (specifically between South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Burma, and Taiwan, and Vietnam) democratic while others are authoritarian or semi-democratic? 2. In the Asia-Pacific, does economic

Need assistance with this

The tensions between science and culture extend far beyond disputes over evolution. In some cases, science and culture disagree on not just what is true, but how actions should be taken in the real world. The story of Kennewick Man is a perfect example of this. In 1996, while two tourists were visiting Kennewick, on the Colu

Economic Challenges

Choose a (Washington State) local or state spending area (e.g., public welfare, education, highways, hospitals, health, etc.) and write a 1,400-1,750-word paper Keeping in mind the following: The local or state function that serves this area and the financing sources for that function. The relationship of the federal

Residency policy for other high level city employees

The City of Townscape has had an increasingly difficult time attracting and retaining qualified department heads and other high level city employees. For many years there has been a fifteen mile radius residency requirement. The City Manager would like you, the city council member, to consider the issues that should be addressed

Lone Extremist

What is the influence of the group with which the "Lone Extremist" is affiliated or has been in the past?

Whistleblowing: Pros and Cons

Advice: Providing a discussion/perspective on whisteblowing - The City Manager of Townscape discovers that one of the city council members has been giving information from executive sessions to a friend that is bidding on a large city contract for a new river crossing. The council member was the swing vote on the board that

Townscape's current fiscal year police budget

This is group project... 4 pages, I'm totally lost on this one. If you could help me in here I wuold be more than happy!!! -------------------------------------------- The City Manager would like the council members to gather in groups of 3-4 to review Townscape's current fiscal year police budget and the needs of Townscape

Role of the civil service commission

The City Manager is looking into future growth prospects for the city and has turned once again to the guidance of the city council. He has given different research projects to several council members, and asked that each prepare a slide presentation to educate all council members and the City Manager. You need to explain th

RFK 3 Questions (Unit 5)

Video Information From RFK Violence breeds violence. Repression breeds retaliation and only a cleansing of our whole society can remove this sickness from our souls. For there is another kind of violence slower,but just as deadly, destructive. It is a shot or bomb in the night this is the violence of institution, indifference

Pros and cons of new development and its impact on services

That could be very short like 3-4 paragraphs... Townscape has been on a five year run of consistent growth. The economy has since begun a downturn and the city government must now decide whether to place a hold on future growth. As a member of the city council you have been asked to consider the pros and cons of new developme

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

Townscape's city hall, police station, and fire stations were all built in the 1950's during the first building boom when the population soared from 2,000 to 30,000 in less than a decade. These buildings were built prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and have older wiring, and a hot/cold water based a

Two-party system and liberal and conservative ideologies

Simpy answer these 2 Questions to your fullest: 1) What are the factors that contribute to the two party system in US politics? 2) Describe 3 differences between liberal and conservative ideologies and issues as reflected in the platforms of the republican and democratic parties.