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Political Theory

Aristotle's methodological pluralism

I cant figure out what methodological pluralism is and how Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics are important to his political thoery. Please explain for me. Thanks!


According to the research on charismatic leadership, which of the following characteristics would fall in the leader category in the L-F-S (Leader, Follower, Situation) interactional framework Cries, Feelings of empowerment, Rhetorical skills, or Task interdependence Please advise answer & why. Thanks!


The four contingency theories (Situational Leadership, Contingency Model, Path-Goal, & Normative Decision Model) have all the following characteristic EXCEPT - (a) they are theories rather than just someone's opinion (b) they assume the leader can diagnose critical components (c) they assume the leader can act in f


There is considerable evidence in research literature to suggest that ________ people can be trained to be charismatic leaders, people can be selected if they are charismatic, both of these, or neither of these I belive the anser is neither of these. Please explain answer. Thanks so much!!


According to the Contingency Model of Leadership, task motivated leaders who manifest relationship behaviors in highly favorable situations help groups to be more effective. True or False Please explain answer. Thanks!!!


In order to improve attendance at meetings, council members were offered small monetary incentives for every meeting they attended. However, attendance actually decreased. Which theory of motivation best explains this result _________ achievement orientation, expectancy theory, intrinsic motivation, Maslow's Heierarchy


The suggestions for improving motivation through the operant approach have the most overlap with the concepts of_________ achievement orientation, expectancy theory, Herzberg's two-factor theory, or intrinsic motivation


The best technique for assessing leadership is which of the following? critical incidents, in-depth managerial assessments, observations, or paper & pencil measures


Question: Crediting your own successes to personal factors and others' successes to factors in the environment (luck, timing, etc.) are aspects of___________- a. attribution, b. fundamental attribution error, c.self-fulfilling prophecy, or c. single-loop learning ------------------------- I believe the answer is -


The best picture of leadership emerges when we view the process from the perspective of _____________. a. the followers b. the leader c. the situation c. all of these -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe all are correct. Please advise answer & why. Thanks!

Discussing Globalization

I'm doing an extra credit paper and i need help with part of it. Many argue that "globalization" imposes constraints on the power and autonomy of the nation-state. How persuasive is this claim? Discuss the extent to which this is true with respect to trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Trotskyism and today

I need help on Trotskyism and how it has effected globalization and national identity both during his life and after. What countries adapted his philosophies? How? Why? etc.

The Effects of Migration on Island Societies.

Migration effects all societies. Big or small, the society changes with different patterns of migration. However, the effects of migration very by society, depending on each societies unique situation. Larger societies may handle migration easier then small, and continental societies may have a better time adjusting to migrat

Oscar Lange's Liberal Socialist Model

Answers can be in point form if its easier for you. I'm just trying to gain some knowledge on this, as I want to be able to take part in class discussions and possibly write an essay. Who is Oscar Lange? What is the Basis (or summary) of Oscar Lange's Liberal Socialist Model? What are the strong and weak points of Osca


Is federalism an effective system of government?

The Social Construct of technology: Mcluhan

Innis, Grant and McLuhan argue that technology is not netural, rather determined by the historical,political-economic and social conditions of their production. Moreover, once adopted, new media come to determine the very condition from which they arise. Critical discuss the debate whether new media can be viewed as neutral or d

Insight into politicians and government programs.

Many politicians think that increasing funding to government programs will improve the circumstances of the people the programs are meant to serve. What's an example of a government-run program where this kind of thinking has failed and why?

Gramsci, free market, and civil society

According to Gramsci the free market/civil society do not maximize human freedom, they constrain it. Explain Gramsci's critique of the free market and civil society.

Definition of Civil Society

What is 'civil society'? Define Civil Society, the historical development of the term, and explain its principle value in the democratic state.