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Local & STate Functions: Washington State

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Choose a (Washington State) local or state spending area (e.g., public welfare, education, highways, hospitals, health, etc.) and write a 1,400-1,750-word paper

Keeping in mind the following:

The local or state function that serves this area and the financing sources for that function.

The relationship of the federal government to the local or state functions (both politically and financially)

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I cannot write your essay, but I can provide an outline of major points and give you the two sites I used to find the information. The essay will require you to take the outline and flesh it out with examples and information from your class and your own experiences. The websites provided give some great information you can use as well. Please make sure you site these sources with your essay.



You will want to include a description of the parks in Washington. Also, indicate which might have cabins and campsites available.
national park information: http://www.washingtonstateparksfoundation.org/

Additionally, go into the stimulus program from the federal government especially for energy and renewable resources to see if there are any that might work and create your own reasons why they should apply for those funds. This will make your essay focus somewhat different from what others are doing, because the resources in parks and the grants they may apply for must be approached differently. The outline is set up in paragraphs that you can use as a base.
Washington State Parks are ...

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The solution provides guidance and advice to students in writing an exploratory paper on local or state functions (see original problem), its financing and its relationship to the Federal government for the State of Washington. Resources are provided for expansion.