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    Importance of Strong Central Government

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    A strong central government is a form of government that is able to force the states and municipalities to abide by the central government's laws that they set out.The United States, in comparison to other countries like France, does not have a very strong central government. The question that arises is: should the United States federal government be able to override state policies? There are many who feel that the Constitution should not entrust greater powers to Washington DC and less power to the states. Entrusting more power to Washington DC would create a tyranny over the country. There is generally speaking a good balance with the way the power is set up between the federal level and the state level. State and local governments are fundamentally equipped to handle the current public policy challenges of today due to having control over the areas that they represent.

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    The Civil War is considered an example of a strong central government (Qinyuan, 2006). There were many good debates about whether things would be better if the southern states would have been allowed to secede. There is a strong argument that the Civil War was used by the central government to prove its strength in an effort to promote the "American System" (McMaster, 1891). A quote from Lincoln states directly that he would permit or prohibit slavery in whatever way he thought would "save the union". Sadly, "saving the union" meant using force to prevent secession of the southern states, basically destroying the foundation of the U.S. Constitution which was willingness to join the union.

    The Civil War is an example of why there should not be more power given to the federal government over the state and local governments. Allowing the federal government to have more power would also potentially cause a break up of the union ...

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    The solution discusses if the U.S. federal government should be able to override state policies.