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    Are States Beholden to Washington?

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    Do you believe that Washington has taken the lead in policy creation and implementation? Do you think that states are, in practice, beholden to Washington because of the funding that they depend upon from the central government? Or, on the contrary, do you think that the states maintain a great deal of power and autonomy in our Federalism system? Provide examples, when relevant, to support your analysis.

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    This assignment requires you to develop an opinion based on your own observations. However, let's explore the question a little further, along with some examples that highlight the tensions between federal and state jurisdiction over various public services and programs to help you find your own answer.

    Here are two areas that provide some interesting material for this discussion. I will give you a brief overview so that you can explore further and develop your own thoughts on this question which has been at the core of American political discourse since the beginning of our history.

    - Elections
    - Health Care

    The elections system in the U.S. has very limited oversight from the Federal government. Each state determines the dates, policies and systems it will use to hold elections and return results for representation ranging from the local to federal level. Apart from determining the number of representatives ...

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    The solution discusses if the states are beholden to Washington.