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The first three Presidents of the United States of America

Determine how the first three president (or any groups of presidents) affected the power of the presidency.

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The first three presidents of the United States were George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and they were the first three in history to hold executive power with the United States Government. With George Washington being the first president, he set the pathway for all the presidents following him - he was the first to develop how certain parts of the government were run and with no one really having any experience, the other first two presidents followed thereafter.

Washington's goal was for the United States to remain on neutral territory with other nations around the world while at the same time, increasing and strengthening the unity and collaboration of the United States. Another main goal while Washington was president was to avoid war at all costs. Further, with Alexander ...

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A look at how the first three presidents of the United States: Washington, Jefferson & Adams created our current governmental system and paved the way for the rest of the presidents of the United States and created a system to follow.