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US Politics: Ideas for Improvement

Checks and Balances
Can someone help with the following?
Consider the following proposal:
We should change national elections in the U.S. so that all of the following government officials are elected at the same time, every four years:
?Members of the House.
?The President.
Use the following questions to discuss your position for or against this proposal:
?What effect could this change have on checking the power of elected officials?
?How might it change how government operates?
?What are some possible benefits?
?What problems might develop?

Include at least three specific reasons for your viewpoint

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This is an interesting idea, not good, just interesting. The system we have in place now gives us a new look and feel every two years, with those considered most senior in Congress, Senators, serving longer terms of office. In elections every two years, the power of the Congress and Presidency has the possibility of change and creates the checks and balances people expect, created by the voters as per their vote choices. Changing Senate races means a various staggering and gives power to the people to affect change in the upper chamber of Congress, but ...

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The solution is a short discussion of certain proposals (see long description) and ideas for the purpose of 'improving' US elections and governance as a whole.