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Considerations in Subcontracting

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What are some considerations related to subcontracting?

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Hello & thank you for using Brainmass. While I can provide a concise summary of key considerations in subcontracting for you, Subcontracting is very important, integral and therefore a complicated part of the manufacturing & services economy and organizations and individuals who subcontract have so much to consider and look into when choosing what to subcontract, to whom and how the process should be run and managed. Therefore, before I enumerate a summary, here is a list of online resources that looks into subcontracting and all it's complexities far more in-depth and comprehensibly. Might I advise that you visit them to expand on the ideas given:


First, let us define subcontractors. According to a 2008 BITS Financial Services Risk Management Paper (BITS is a Pennsylvania finance specialist who subcontracts regularly), "a ...

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The solution is concise and comprehensive explanation of the mechanics of subcontracting and enumerates key considerations taken by businesses when subcontracting parts of their services and operational needs to another provider. References are included for further studies/research. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing and download.

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