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    purpose of Subcontract Management

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    Define the purpose of Subcontract Management and state the goals. How does your company manage subcontracts?

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    The purpose of Software Subcontract Management is to select qualified software subcontractors and manage them effectively.

    Software Subcontract Management involves selecting a software subcontractor, establishing commitments with the subcontractor, and tracking and reviewing the subcontractor's performance and results. These practices cover the management of a software (only) subcontract, as well as the management of the software component of a subcontract that includes software, hardware, and possibly other system components.

    The subcontractor is selected based on its ability to perform the work. Many factors contribute to the decision to subcontract a portion of the prime contractor's work. Subcontractors may be selected based on strategic business alliances, as well as technical considerations. The practices of this key process area address the traditional acquisition process associated with subcontracting a defined portion of the work to another organization.

    When subcontracting, a ...

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