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For and against term limits

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a. Evaluate the arguments for and against term limits.

Your answer to each written response question should contain a minimum 200-300 word response.

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The solution is a short narrative discussing arguments for and against term limits.

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The debate about legislative term limits is an ongoing one. Limits on executive officials are already common, with the President being limited to two terms, and 37 states limiting the number of terms a governor may serve, so the basic question is whether term limits will make the system more democratic or less, with compelling arguments on both sides.

One of the most salient arguments is that term limits eliminate "career politicians", elected officials who spend years if not decades in office. Forcing out those who have already had fulfilled their allocated terms could improve diversity and create more competitive, and thus more democratic, elections. Also, when the same officials remain in power year after year, fresh new ideas are not brought forward and thinking remains ideologically stagnant, lagging behind society.
Term limits could also help the democratic process by lessening the current trend of incumbent candidates nearly always winning elections. ...

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