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    Metropolitan-Suburban governance & cooperation

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    What are some of the ways that metropolitan areas coordinate governmental activities and services across a region, while at the same time protecting the values of suburban independence?

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    Metropolitan Cooperation, Suburban Independence

    The growth of suburbs in major metropolitan areas were direct consequences of city growth as population increases and residents seek to find dwellings, residences and communities they deem safe, appropriate and ordered to provide the needs of their families (education, safe & affordable residences, comfortable living close to amenities) yet close enough to the cities where they work. The Tri-State Metropolitan area of New York for example as well as Los Angeles and Chicago has fuelled suburban growth with many of the suburban smaller-cities and municipalities having grown from being a 'commuter residence' for city workers. Due to the population growth, purchasing power and demand also fuelled the creation of school districts, townships and small-city charters. Each suburban district over time has come to ...

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