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Using two-dimensional array with enumerated types in C

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A demographic study of the metropolitan area around Dogpatch divided it into three regions (urban, suburban, and exurban) and published the following table showing the annual migration from one region to another (the numbers represent percentages);

Urban Suburban Exurban
Urban 1.1 0.3 0.7
Suburban 0.1 1.2 0.3
Exurban 0.2 0.6 1.3

For example, 0.3 percent of the urbanites move to the suburbs each year. Using a two-dimensional array with an enumerated type of the indices to store this table, write a program to determine the population of each region after 10,20,30,40, and 50 years. Assume that the current population of the urban, suburban, and exurban regions are 2.1, 1.4, and 0.9 million, respectively.

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Solution Summary

Presents a solution that takes into account inter region migration (as intra URBAN migration doesn't make much sense in the increase or decrease of overall urban population as explained above).
Solution shows how to use C multi-dimensional array to store a table of urban population data and then use it to determine the migration of population in future (after 10,20,30,40, and 50 years).

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The C code is attached. Also an explanation of the calculation used is given below.

Example for the URBAN growth in the first year:
In the first year, the urban population in urban area will
internally grow by 1.1% (that is population net of births and deaths). Since the beginning ...

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