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    Java Array Coding

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    3- In a two-dimensional array, every row must have the same number of columns. true or false

    5- How do you access the element of array a located at row 2 and column 4?

    9- An ArrayList can be returned by a method. True or False

    11-Is is possible to declare and instantiate an ArrayList of a user-defined class type. True or False

    For question 14 to 24, consider the following two-dimensional array declaration and initialization:
    String [ ] [ ] cities = { {"New York", "LA", "San Francisco", "Chicago" },
    {"Munich", "Stuttgart", " Berlin", "Bonn" },
    { "Paris", "Ajaccio", "Lyon" },
    { " Montreal", "Ottawa", "Vancouver" }};

    15- What is the value of the expression cities[2][1]?

    17-What are the row and column indexes of Chicago in the array cities?

    21- What is the output of this code sequence?
    for ( int i = 0; i < cities.length; i++ )
    for ( int j = 0; j < cities [i].length; j++ )
    System.out.print( cities[i][j] + "t" );
    System.out.println( );

    23- What is the output of this code sequence?
    int count = 0;for ( int i = 0; i < cities.length; i++ )
    for ( int j= 0; j< cities.length; i++ )
    If ( cities [i][j].length( ) ==7 )
    System.out.println( " count is " + count );

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    A two-dimensional array for every row which must have the same number of columns. How to access the elements of array to locate at row 2 and column 4 is discussed.