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one-dimensional array and its components

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Explain what a one-dimensional array and its components are.

Explain why arrays are useful, and how they are created within Visual Basic .NET.

Finally, explain how two-dimensional arrays are different than one-dimensional arrays.

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This job examines aspects about why arrays are useful.

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Computer Science, Software Tools and Systems Programming.
Year 3
1. Explain what a one-dimensional array and its components are.
One - dimensional array is series of similar variables. It can be also called a Vector.
2. Explain why arrays are useful, and how they are created within Visual Basic .NET.
Arrays allow you to refer to a series of variables by the same name and to use a number, called an index or subscript, to tell them apart. This helps you create shorter and simpler code in many situations, because you can set up loops that deal efficiently with any number of elements by using the index number.
Arrays do not have fixed size in Visual Basic. You can change the size of ...

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