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Java Application using a one-Dimensional array for this solution

Write an application that inputs ten numbers from the user, each number can be between 10 and 100, inclusive. As each number is read in determine if it is a number already entered. If it is a duplicate move on to the next number, if it is unique store the number in the array. After all ten numbers have been entered display the complete set of unique numbers that were entered. You have been given the application but are required to develop the NumberKeeper class. Notice that not all methods will be used in actual application, however we want to always design robust classes. NumberKeeper UML is as follows:

- _numbers[10] : integer
- _current Posistion : integer
+ NumberKeeper()
+ acceptNumber(newNumber : integer)
+ printNumbers()
+ getLastUniqueNumberEntered() : integer

List any challenges that you actually encountered including compilation errors, logic errors, or runtime errors you had to resolve. Remember*** (This Solution must use a one-dimensional array in this solution.)***

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Java applications using at one-dimensional array for a solution is examined