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Inter-agency Cooperation Issues

Is the fusing of intelligence a continues issue? There have been numerous instances in which DHS has experienced turf wars with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the DoD, public battles that have damaged the image of the organization.

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Yes this continues to be a problem if the media reports and some site information is true. The mission of many of these agencies is the same, yet different. The differences are for applicable areas and these types of differences are important. We charge the FBI with one mission, the ATF with another, CIA and NSA with another. And then they are all expected to share information with all the others. The clearinghouse idea behind the DHS works only if they can balance and cooperate, being helpful while sharing information, across the board.

Using the information may contain risks. For some agencies, this is an unacceptable consequence. A drug ring can be brought down, but it might interfere with a people trafficking, arms sales network, or nearly ...

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The solution provides a discussion of the issue of the 'turf wars' between US Intelligence agencies like the CIA and the DHS.