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    International Terrorism

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    Essay Questions:
    1. The text offers three sources of (or reasons for) violence in the Middle East. Which of the three sources do you think is most responsible, if any? Explain your answer. Also, given these sources, what do you think can and/or should be done to secure a lasting peace in the Middle East?
    2. What is Hamas? Hizbollah? Islamic Jihad? What are the differences between them? Are these groups a threat to the United States? If so, how so? Under what circumstance, if any, should we negotiate with terror groups such as these?
    3. Describe the Kurdish conflict and the PKK in detail. Who are the peoples and nations with a stake in the conflict? What are the concerns or objections of all sides of the conflict? Do you believe that the Kurds are deserving of their own nation-state? Or is it simply a fact of life that Kurds will remain a minority in every country they occupy, whether, Turkey, or Iraq, or elsewhere? Feel free to consult and cite other sources in addition to the text as you compose your answer.
    4. Discuss the rise of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. What are bin Laden's key issues? What attacks or attempted attacks have been linked to Al-Qaeda (include the years)? How should America go about combating bin Laden and Al-Qaeda? Or, if you prefer, should we make peace somehow with that organization?
    5. As you consider everything you have learned about international terrorism, in your opinion what are the most important facts or elements of the material that can be instructive for American foreign policy or counterterrorism efforts? Is there anything you have learned or have come to believe (about threats, opportunities, etc) through this course which you sense is not taken seriously enough or even considered by government officials? What would characterize your approach to terrorism if you were in a position to advise the President or other high-ranking government officials?

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    Possible causes of International Terrorism. Comparison among Hamas, Hesbollah and islamic Jijad. It includes the brief account on the life of Osama bin-Laden and his Al Qaeda, and some suggestions on how to combat international terrorism.