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    Privatization & Government Functions

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    What do you think of the present private contractor system?

    Should the private contractors replace government employees?

    Would this proposal be a logical expansion of the existing private contractor sysytem?

    What are the problems with the privatization?

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    Texas State & Private Contractors

    Even at a federal level, private contractors are hired to administer elements of or perform functions of/for the responsibilities of the state government. Therefore seeing Texas hand out contracts to administer government functions is not uncommon. Contractors can be found providing services in logistics, prison systems, records and database keeping, security and protection as well as administrative duties. There is an oversight committee that monitors and regulates contractor service and performance to accord and comply to contract and to laws as well as with the constitution of the state and the nation. For example, the Texas department of Criminal Justice has an oversight committee known as the "Private Facility Contract Monitoring/Oversight Division" currently headed by Celeste Byrne. The oversight committee's task is to provide "oversight and monitoring of contracts for privately operated secure facilities as well as community based facilities, which includes substance abuse treatment services" (TDCJ, 2010). Texas highway construction and maintenance is also under private contract as well as the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), social welfare and education services, etc. Projects like the Trans Texas Corridor Program are also proposed to come under private contractor management.

    Government Employees vs. Private Contractors

    This really depends on state and electoral perspective. For sure it will be far cheaper for the state to contract out certain functions of the government. ...

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