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Elections in the state of Tennessee.

A discussion regarding elections in Tennessee. How are elections run in Tennessee? What type of voter, candidate, and committee information do elections provide? What are some potential problems with elections in Tennessee?

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How are elections run in this state?


In order to vote in Tennessee you must complete a voter registration prior to the election. Early voting is allowed by mail or at the county election commission office between 20 and 5 days before the election. To vote on election day you must appear at the correct polling station based on where your residence is. Polling places are open at least 10 and no more than 13 hours. In the Eastern time zone polling places must close by 8 PM. IN the central time zone they must close by 7 PM.
The voting machines used fall into three categories. Those that do produce a paper trail, those that do not produce a paper trail and optical scan ...

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A discussion regarding elections in the state of Tennessee. General information as well as potential problems with the current system. Over 470 words of original text along with three important websites containing a vast amount of additional information.