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Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation

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I chose Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) for the organization to be analyzed.
Organizational Management Assessment and Theory Matrix (minimum of 1,750 words): This assignment uses your knowledge and research skills to examine and analyze management theories as they apply to organizations in the public sector, as well as to design a theory matrix, which you will continue to add to throughout the course.

The assignment is divided into two parts, Part I and II:

Part I: Organizational Assessment
o Assess the current organizational structure and management theories and behaviors used by the public sector organization you chose in Unit 1.
o Identify the organizational structure and theories being used by leaders in the organization. Determine if this approach is appropriate for the current situation, and provide rationale for your position.
o Compare and contrast the use of at least one different approach (including the theory) and argue whether it would be appropriate or not.
o Conclusion.
o References.

Part II: Theory Matrix
o Using the Theory Matrix template, identify and discuss the primary organizational behavior management theories. Support your stance using supporting literature and citations from your readings and research.
o Submit the Theory Matrix as either an Appendix to your paper or as Part II in the main body of the paper.
o Support your dialogue with appropriate literature using correct APA format and style.

Your final paper should be a minimum of 1,750 words, using correct APA style and formatting including citations, a minimum of seven references, and any additional materials. At least five of your references must come from peer-reviewed sources and not use Wikipedia as a resource.

Note: This assignment will be incorporated into your final project. The Theory matrix will be part of your e-portfolio.

******The Matrix is attached*****

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Solution Summary

The solution provides information, assistance and advise to students in putting together an organizational analysis. The solution looks at Department of Homeland Security (Customs & Border Protection) based on the needs of the problem listed (see above), looking at organizational structure, management theory utilized and leadership schemas. A matrix to exemplify primary organizational behavior management theories is also included. resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. What you are being asked here to do is 2 things - an organizational assessment of the CBP and a Matrix. To get this done right, we need to create an outline. At the same time however we also need to be aware of the word count. You have been given 1,750 word limit. Since this is divided into 2 parts, I suggest the following Outline:

Organizational Assessment Section

1. Introduction - what is this paper about? What is the CBP? Why have you chosen the CBP and why is it a relevant study? About 150 words.
2. The Function and structure of CBP - about 500 words, 250 each as this should be divided into 2 paragraphs.
3. The theory utilized in the organization which according to you is Weber's. This will also be in 2 parts - an explanation of the theory and how this theory is used in the organization. 2 paragraphs at 250 each. Altogether about 500 words.
4. A review of the theory - is it applicable? Here introduce another theory to rival said theory and 'compare and contrast - about 200 words.
5. Conclusion - conclude your observations of the CBP and its manner of organization. Summarize your main points. About 100 words.
6. References - following the APA format which follows the order author, year, title and publisher.

- This is already quite laid out as the sections just need to be filled in. The thing is, I think that it should be enough to provide 3-4 organizational theories using the 2 from the essay and 2 additional ones.

The essay ought to total at 1,450 words and the Matrix from 500 to 700 words. Together it can total between 1,950 to 2,150 words. This is just the target however. You can adjust your word count and minimize your essay and matrix to limit it all at 1,750. Either way the outline above should yield you a good-sized essay paper. Now, what should be your content and how should you present your content following the suggested outline. I have looked at the books you indicated and did extra research on the CBP and from this, I have collated information that corresponds to the outline. I have organized it into a coherent narrative below. This should get you started with your paper. Remember that this solution has been written for your assistance only. You will need to use this plus what you have come to learn from your lessons to put together your project. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section and I'll try and clarify things further for you. I also advise using the listed resources/references to further explore the topic. Good luck with your studies. The word version of this solution is attached and is print-ready for you.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Organizational Assessment: Customs and Border Protection

Daft & Murphy (2010) wrote that ,"...all companies and other organizations - from the largest to the struggling start-ups - undergo changes that can be illuminated and informed by theories of organization design. Organization theory is no less relevant to public sector and non-profit organizations, including central and local government departments." With this in mind, I looked into one of the lesser known government agency, the Customs and Border Protection or CBP, a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as I believe that as an organization, they provide a very important role in keeping the borders of America and the lives of its people secure and safe from danger and threat. For such an important organization, it would be ideal if it is managed and organized under the best and most efficient-to-it's-purpose practices. After all, this agency is an essential element to the function of the DHS and its people are in the frontline in keeping American borders secured. Most reviews of organizations focus on commercial companies whereby the purpose is to look at the way it is structured and managed to enhance profitability. But it is just as important to look at government bureaucracy as organizations like the CBP are foundational - they are an essential social agencies that allow for America to function as it is. A problematic CBP can create systemic issues across the board, affecting the security and way of life of ...

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