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Health policy issue in relation to radical individualism

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How to connect the discussion of radical individualism with a health policy question and the role of the presidency, senate, house of representatives or judicial system

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The health policy issues in relation to radical individualism is determined.

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Radical individualism, the rights of the individual take precedents over the rights of the citizenry, has become more prevalent in our society in the past few decades. The increase in areas such as divorce, other personal lawsuits, and the ineffective infighting between political parties along with lack of bipartisan agreements is proof of this. Many fields however, deserve less radical and more cooperative agreements. Health care is one of those areas.
Everyone in today's society needs insurance to pay for the rising costs of health care. The disagreements come when the consideration of how much and who should pay are the issues. Everyone agrees that health care is very expensive. Everyone agrees that not everyone can afford good, comprehensive healthcare. Most agree that healthcare is beyond the reach of too many citizens. One of the focal points of the last presidential election was getting into place a ...

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