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    Role of President in stem cell research and radical individualis

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    How to connect stem cell research and radical individualism and the role of the Presidency, Senate , House of representatives, and Judicial system?

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    You should probably divide this essay into three parts:
    The basics on stem cell science and its promised benefits;
    second, the nature of "radical egotism or individualism" as a social theory.
    Finally, the connection between the two.

    Remember, I cannot do this paper for you. I can, however, get you on the right track.

    Here is a great source for the basic science of stem cells:

    http://stemcells.nih.gov/ good article here: http://www.isscr.org/Adult_Stem_Cells_Myths_and_Reality.htm

    The ideology of radical individualism is not difficult. Here are its basic concepts:

    1. The ego is of infinite value.
    2. The ego is the only thing about which we have certain knowledge
    3. Humans are born free and independent. Society forges the chains that harm the ego.
    4. The only ethical idea is the commitments to different groups (etc) that I have explicitly and voluntarily made.
    5. I am not an integral or organic part of anything.
    6. Everything should be evaluted from the point of view of my will and self-interest.
    7. What constitutes "self interest" is my own ego's evaluation of itself and its demands.
    These are the basics. Of course, different egotists will modify some of these, but these are the minimum fundamentals of a radical egoism.

    I don't think that connecting this point of view to the state's policy is difficult. One of the best articles from the egocentric perspective is from a group of followers of Ayn Rand. http://www.atlassociety.org/faith-and-funding-what-root-stem-cell-controversy
    You can't get any more tightly connected than this.

    The authors, Patrick Stevens and David Kelly, write this (you should definitely quote this in your paper):

    "The ethical question turns on the issue of when a human life begins, i.e., the life of a distinct, individual human being?a person. There is no simple answer, because the different dimensions of a person's identity emerge at different points in what science tells us is a continuous and complex process of development. Genetic identity is present in the fertilized egg (the ...

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    The role of presidents in stem cell research and radical individuals is determined. Stem cell research and radical individualisms are given.