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    Terrorist Recruitment Techniques and Group Dynamics

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    1. What are the benefits to a terrorist group of using suicide bombers to conduct terrorist acts? What, beyond the obvious (once a suicide bomber detonates him/herself that human weapon is no longer in the terrorist group's arsenal) are some of the downsides? Describe here-don't just list.

    2. How does the terrorist recruitment process compare (similarities) and contrast (differences) with the recruiting practices of the U.S. military? What does this tell us about the terrorist mindset?

    3. What effects do group dynamics have on an individual in a terrorist group? Be concrete, specific and thorough with your answer. Discuss the internal pressures for members to conform. Do these pressures exist for all members of the group?

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    Some of the benefits to a terrorist group using suicide bombers to conduct terrorist acts, include fact that suicide bombers have the ability to infiltrate civilian and/or military populations, which subsequently gives them the ability to detonate the explosive device very close to their target. The ability of suicide bombers to detonate the device very close to their targets, give terrorist organizations a viable means of having a high statistical probability of destroying the given targets. Suicide bombers are very hard to detect, due to the fact that they blend in with the surrounding population, and suicide bombers can be selected based on the population that they are trying to infiltrate. For instance, if a terrorist organization is targeting a female organization, then ...