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    Terrorist Training Manuals

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    What are some subject matters addressed in terrorist training materials and what are the multiple means of developing information to locate terrorist training materials? I'm completely lost on how we would gain this type of information for law enforcement officers.

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    Starting a search for terrorist training material can be difficult to find, especially with the internet being so closely monitored. However, what has helped is people (most likely, people with former military/FBI/Police background) are retrieving this information and publicly displaying it. Another way of collecting this information is from the terrorist themselves. It was stated the Al'Qa'ida training material was located on a computer file. When the military apprehends these terrorist, most likely they confiscate some important documentation. I believe working closely with the military and FBI would aide in locating this type of information. Although ...

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    Terrorist training materials are not readily accessible for very good reason. This type of information is left confidential to keep American's safe.