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    Religion and terrorism

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    How and why terrorist groups use (and/or abuse) religions in employing terrorist tactics?

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    Religion and Terror Groups

    The question of the role of faith and religion in terrorism is a central study in the attempt to understand the mechanisms and forces behind terror groups. Terrorism where religion is the force and motivation behind terror attacks is known as religious terrorism. A kind of extreme hatred where religion could either be the only factor or could be a part of many others that have coalesced into a hatred that manifested itself in the organized and deadly terror attacks against a people and a population. Terrorism expert & Georgetown University Prof. Bruce Hoffman identified 3 key traits of modern religious terrorism and terror groups (i.e. Aum Shinrikyo, Al Qaeda, Crusaders, etc.):
    - They use religious text (i.e. the Quran, the Hadiths, the Bible) to justify and rationalize their intents, viewpoints and actions,
    - Clerical ...

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