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Violence & rationality

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While Martha Crenshaw argues that terrorism is a rational choice made to achieve the goals of the group, Jerrold Post argues that terrorists are driven by psychological forces that attract people to violence. His arguments have caused controversy because some people believe that it seeks to absolve terrorists from the responsibility of their acts. For this discussion, chose a side and present your rationale for believing its ideas have merit. It doesn't matter which side you choose.

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In my opinion, people use terrorism and its agenda to attract people to the cause they have chosen. It is a rational choice, though some are of the opinion it is for irrational reasons. The choice comes as part of the ideals being promoted in the organizations participating in the terrorism. Dying for the cause, taking others, especially innocent people, is acceptable. To say the choice is not rational and part of a ...

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The solution presents a discussion that makes terrorism a rational choice for those who take it up as a cause.