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    First Principle & Interests/Passions Rationality

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    I can not seem to find anything on either of these topics, can you compare and contrast "first principle" rationalities and "interests and passions" rationality. Give an example of a culture based on each of these, and discuss the results of each approach to decision making. Please include sources so I can go back and follow up.

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    Rationality: First Principle and Interest & Passions

    According to Corey (1999), "Most essential to an elementary understanding of society and culture is the truth about reason. Reason must be viewed as a tool, potentially more dangerous than nuclear power, but often used by man for evil rather than for good, as the twentieth century abundantly demonstrates. What Scotus likened to God himself was purpose, which stands united with truth and rationality; one cannot be had without all three. Irrationality means what is without purpose; rationality requires congruity, like that of a well-running machine with no clashing of gears." Corey is a political theorist and his comments on rationality, as an applicable concept in society and government from philosophy centralizes the importance of reason and purpose in human action, taking into focus how people make choices and what influences that.

    Classical philosopher Grisez (1965) explains the 'first principle' of rationality as a reading of Thomas' Aquinas work on Summa Theologica. Grisez (1965) explains, " The first principle of practical reason is a command: Do good and avoid evil. Man discovers this imperative in his conscience; it is like an inscription written there by the hand of God. Having become aware of this basic commandment, man consults his nature to see what is good and what is evil. He examines an action in comparison with his essence ...

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