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Transforming your passions and interests in psychology into a reality

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This person will be responding to the following questions:
• This person will discuss this in their discussion how will they know that they achieved this goal?
• What will they do to stay confident and committed to the actions that they outlined?
• What resources and support will they need to achieve this goal?

Here is this person's dilemma:

One of my biggest goals is to have a career in a field where I will enjoy doing my job, not only working to make money, but to have a career that I have a passion for. My goal is to earn my master's degree, to share my knowledge with others, and give back to the communities. My main purpose of getting my master's degree is to have the ability to help others because I believe that having a career is not only about making money, but to have the ability to change someone life. I will know that I have achieved my goals when I have finished the master's program and start working in the field where I enjoy my career.

1) Do you have any strategies or resources that you can share to help this person clarify the steps needed to achieve their career vision?

2) What questions do you have that would help this person shape their action plan?

3) Would say that this person is on the right path to transforming their passions and interests in psychology into a reality?

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I think that a strategy that can help this person to clarify the steps needed to achieve their career vision would include having this person decide exactly what field of psychology that they will be focusing upon. This would help them decide the best means by which to help individuals in different communities. I think that a very good resource that can help this ...